5 Tips for a Self-Drive Tour in Tanzania

Tanzania Self Drive

Travelers have those days adopted to cruising themselves to their places of interest. This has statured a self-drive to be the most inquired package of traveling. Guests only require about hiring a 4×4 car and handle the rest concerning their tour on their own tunes.

Tanzania is known for being such a great and top safari destination in Africa. So, because there is one of the highest influx of travelers, and now also a certain big number of travelers have shifted from the vintage mode of fully guided travel to this trendy of a self-guided tours through the Tanzania plains.

A self-guided tour in Tanzania is among the most rewarding as far as safari tours are concerned. The country boasts over hosting the highest number of National Parks of which some have scooped positions of being the most interesting safari destination in the world. Parks like Serengeti National Park which is famous for the great migration event, Ngorongoro Crater Reserve one of the unique places in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park the highest mountain on the African continent. Other parks like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Nyerere National Park among others are all great rewards.

Self-drive is amazing for travelers who tourist who really need the real adventure. Through all national parks and national reserves in Tanzania, self-drive is allowed throughout. So, when option to undertake this adventure, then need to understand some aspects which will limit the space of disappointments.

We bring you these 5 tips which will be a guideline on what to do right from the inquiring about the vehicle until the last minute when boarding your flight back home. In Tanzania, self-drive is real and the tourists have to prepare some essential information/ tips that can be very helpful during the trip so as to avoid some misfortunes and keep their trip a very pleasant and memorable trip ever.

  1. Use a Trustworthy Car Rental Agency

Car rental operation is a bit wide, there a number of rental agencies of which some offer for special town services, others for events like weeding, and there those who have particularly concentrated on renting 4×4 safari rental. Vehicles for tours are customized to particularly doing safaris that they can maneuver through all terrains.

Drive East Africa is one trustworthy rental agency that offers you with genuine services for your successful self-drive tour in Tanzania. It’s important to look for a good company that provides cars with good standards that will suit your trip with no problems. Drive East Africa rental services are particularly concentrating on safari experiences with cars of standard quality, help in planning for your tour itinerary, and prepare bookings for your accommodations. The offers here can include a rental with a driver, rental for self-drive, rental with a rooftop tent, and rental with pop-up roof and all are 4WD.

  1. Have some Cash and Recharge your credit cards

While driving in Tanzania it’s necessary to be prepared well for any incidence as far as making payments are concerned. When paying for fuel, accommodation, souvenirs, food, and tips you need to have both cash and wire transfer possibilities. So, you should consider always to have enough balance in your bank accounts, especially when some of your services are not paid yet like the Park entrance fees, Campsites, food and water and other extra stuffs.

It’s also important to understand that your credit card must be either a VISA or MASTERCARD.  This can help you to access the bank services anywhere in the country. And maintain enough cash enables you to access any extra activities and services that have not to be included in your tour plan.

  1. Have an International Driver’s license

There is no way you can have a rental vehicle for self-drive without you having a driver’s license. An international driver’s license is the interpretation of the domestic license into the some common understandable language. The international driving license will help a tourist get access to hire a car for self-drive to cruise through Tanzania National Parks and other Conservation Sites like the Controlled areas and Game Reserves.

International Driving Permit is a legal document that validates your license internationally and can allow you drive in foreign country. It can be acquired from your home country and it has a validity of 12months.

  1. Have Some Driving and Mechanic Skills

Knowing how to drive because you have a permit is not enough when opting to drive in Tanzania. A self-drive through Tanzania untamed landscape means longer hours of driving almost every day. Even route connecting to different tourist destinations like national parks are demanding characterized by potholes, which demands some skills of driving. As well, because you’re driving from these rugged roads, anything can happen with the vehicle like experiencing a flat tire and have to fix it. Should have some basic mechanical skills, and driving skills that can maneuver the vehicle through the rough roads without experience major mechanical breakdowns.

  1. Ensure Health and Safety Measures

Safety first before anything, Tanzania is known to be a safe place as far as security is concerned. The country has not experienced a life of dirty politics like it neighbors Uganda and Kenya. So, shouldn’t have to worry over anything when embarking for a self-drive in Tanzania. Before embarking your safari it’s important to be assured that you are in good condition. Never forget to take your basic medications and the first Aid Kit with all necessary tools that can help you treat yourself with minor treats or injuries like scrapes and cuts. Also the correspondent company needs to prepare you medical insurance before you take your trip, This will help you get the medical assistance anytime you need and anywhere around your trip destination.


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