Rent a 4×4 Car in Rwanda and Explore at Your Pace


Rwanda is a destination that excites nature lovers as this nation has three great amazing national game parks which have the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and other exotic animals like giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes to mention but a few. Rwanda is a very small country and easy to access as the road network is well streamlined. . For those who like to make every day an adventure into the unknown and an opportunity to enjoy your vacation by getting lost in the jungle, then hiring an SUV may be the solution for which you’ve been looking.

Put in mind Rwanda has relatively small road but easily driven on, so it is recommendable for one to get a right sized suv. In Rwanda we mostly offer Toyota suvs as these are cheap to maintain as their spare parts are popular in Rwanda and also the fuel consumption rate is pocket friendly and in addition they are made for tough roads and conditions that most visitors facing while exploring the great national parks and other tourist sites in Rwanda. The common cars for hire are the Toyota RAV4, Toyota land cruisers and the Toyota Hiace.

A Toyota RAV4 is the perfect rental car in Rwanda for a couple traveling together with personal luggage. This is available for car hire in both small and large as the small one is two door and the large one is four door but they come with different prices in respect to their sizes. These cars are used because they easy to drive have a four wheel drive thus making it able to maneuver most roads in Rwanda. They are also cheap to hire but can give you an experience of any other SUV. It is the best car hire for every sole or couple traveler in Rwanda.

For visitors who are traveling as a relatively small group of 4-5 a Toyota land cruiser is the ideal car for you. This is the most popular rental car for Rwanda safari travelers. This comes with elegance, comfort, safe and also ability to combat any hardship on the road. This has enough space for everybody to travel with comfort and also a good weighted luggage as it has a large trunk. They also have pop up roofs where the visitors can enjoy looking at different animals while on a game drive in the national park Akagera national park in particular.

If travelling with a large family in Rwanda, there are also vans to give the luxury  that is the Toyota Hiace commonly known as the super custom and the safari van. These carry a large number of people that six people for the super custom and the safari van 9 people. These are all 4×4 vehicles with tremendous space to carry a family to enjoy a trip in Rwanda together at their own pace and independence.

4×4 rental cars are available in Rwanda to make one journey a more comfortable and exciting. These come with extra facilties like the gps and travel maps for self navigation in Rwanda, extra baby seats for those traveling with kids, comprehensive insurance to protect the travelers against unforeseen calamities, 24/7 road assistance in case of car break down and they are cheaper than expected. No worries of hefty bills on Rwanda adventure with 4×4 car hire.


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