Gadgets to Take on an African Safari


An African safari has a lot more to offer from game drives in the wilderness, meeting the mountain gorillas, mountain climbing and for a safari to have a long lasting memory, you need hold of good gadgets, and other essentials so your safari is not ruined. Are you planning a safari and wondering what gadgets you will bring along? Look no further and read below on our guideline.


A camera is an obvious pack item for every African safari, without it your memorable experience is shut down, you probably need a high quality resolution camera to capture wild life at its best in their natural habitat, the water rafting at the source of the Nile, the people and other interesting features you come along. Additional you can also carry along a selfie to easy your photography.

A pair of binocular

Imagine you want to capture a predator feasting on its prey, a binocular comes in handy because it zooms the whole scenario closer to you. You can connect to the phone as you take pictures, record videos, and for the birding aspect, it’s incredibly good and makes it fun spotting those little birds up in the tree branches,

Power Charger or power bank

Don’t ruin your safari when your gadgets shut down, most African safari destination and cars come with a port for changing, remember to pack it or at least secure one as early as possible. Additionally you could also come along with a power bank which will keep you fully charged even in the jungle or game drives safari.

Smart phone

For different reasons, a smart phone is definitely a must have. You need to keep on touch with your people back home, you need to communicate with your safari team if necessary, it advisable to bring it along and buy a local sim card to easy your communication. Smart phone comes as a safety measure perhaps bring unlocked phone that will be suit for all the mobile networks.

Flash light

You need a source of light any time always especially at night, Most African countries suffer load shedding and a flash light comes as a rescue before power is back. You also need them for camping and walking around. Additionally, you can use them as helping tools if you are taking pictures after sunset when natural light is scarce.

Lens cleaning kit

It can get a little dusty out in Africa, the gadgets need life, they need to be cleaned to function well be prepared for dust and sand, it is advisable that you take along a lens cleaning kit. With this in hand, fog or not, you will be ready. As they are multipurpose, you can use your lens cleaning kit on your binoculars, camera and smartphone.

Memory cards

At least every gadget comes with a memory card, but as a precaution you could also come along with another. However, just in case you were looking for advice, there are a couple of go-to recommendations like SanDisk 32GB Class 4 SDHC Memory Card.

Navigation Device

This is to help you track your routes, getting lost in a foreign country is scaring, make sure you down load maps of the African country when going for safari for easy navigation. However most phones have the Gps app but you can also keep on the safe side and invest in one.

Travel mug

This is too save you hunger on your safari, we all know hunger makes us lose concentration. A hot coffee or cold drink can make your day for example on a game drive, activities like nature walks, gorilla tracking the moist tropical rain forests.


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