15 Tips to Enjoy Travels in Uganda


Would you like to have a memorable holiday in Africa? If you are looking to traveling Africa, then you should consider traveling Uganda a country full of opportunities and discoveries to wonder. Uganda the pearl of Africa is a relatively small country located in the eastern region of the continent shares its boundaries with Kenya in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, South Sudan in the North and Tanzania in South. Well established and located it’s one of the top destinations for adventure in the world.  Through the aerial view, it’s covered with the lush green savanna woodland vegetation. Politically stable with peace and harmony that has seen a boost in the economy. Below are some of our insider travel tips to travelling in Uganda;

Obtain an International driving license

It’s a crucial document to any country and if you are looking to self drive Uganda, this is very necessary!  It allows the visitor to self drive on the Ugandan roads that are well surfaced and maintained. The laws of Uganda allow foreign drivers to drive in Uganda for a period of up to 6 months.

Learn key phrases in the local language

The official language that is recognized is English however over 56 local languages are spoken countrywide. The widely spoken language is Luganda. Learning simple words like greetings will make you enjoy your stay in Uganda.

Get vaccinated and stock up medicine

Routine vaccination of killer diseases should be done earlier before you plan to travel. Yellow Fever certificates are always required for visitors to gain entry into Uganda. For allergic people like Asthma are advised to stock up medicine since the weather may not be friendly to them. It is also useful to carry antimalaria tabs if you are looking to spend some long time in Uganda.

Check your passport and apply for any necessary visits

Check the expiry dates for your passport and apply for visas at Ugandan Embassies’ that are valid for the days you wish to stay in Uganda.

Prepare your finances

The early bird catches the warmth and no one goes to the well early to get unclean water  meaning  that early savings and preparation a make perfect trip and unforgettable memories.

Buy health and travel insurance

Risks and uncertainties are well managed through buying insurance policies to be on a safe side while travelling

Get all the necessary gear for your electronics. Pack all the necessary accessories that you may use like the charger system, headsets.

Make a list

Travelling needs to plan early so that you do not forget all your necessary items that you would use

Do not forget extra camera battery

For photographers, an extra battery is crucial not to stop the love of taking photos continuously.

Make photocopies of important documents

Documents like passport, driving permits and air tickets are important to travel abroad

Inquire about price before you take public transport

Like other countries, Uganda has a vast of agencies that provide both private and public means from the airport. Safety and privacy is what Uganda guarantees. Private means of transport are therefore considered. To book a private means, one has to plan his budget, make contacts with some of the car hire companies in Uganda like 256 travel Uganda, Auto rental Uganda so as not to hassle at airport.Public means of transport  are always favorable from the airport to the city, which is approximately to $1, and negotiable though un secure to and high risk of theft and burglary like always said that cheap things are expensive.

Beware of the free Wi-Fi available

Do not miss out with your emails, Most of the Ugandan Hotels have access to Wi-Fi services that will keep you in touch with your friends and relatives at home through social plat forms. If you are looking to traveling to remote areas, ask your travel planner about the best Wifi you can use in a particular location where you are looking to spend your holiday.

Take plenty of photos. A foreign land has really plenty of memories to be remembered, taking photos of your interest at your leisure time is grateful and gives you the enthusiasm to learn more about the Pearl of Africa.

Keep an open mind. Always be open minded to areas of interest so as to keep the trip interesting

Pack extra under wears. They are small and it’s always a good idea to have afew extra pairs that are  dry quickly

Separate your personal items. Once you are in a group tour, always take care of your items not to get contact with others in order to avoid contamination of infectious diseases.

Leave room spontaneity. Do not plan your entire itinerary ahead of time. Its tempting, I know but those unplanned moments while travelling can be best memories.

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