Best Wilderness Areas to Experience with Rooftop Tent

Rooftop Tent Rental Car

Explore Africa with the 4×4 rental car with rooftop tent, the great display that the African continent stands to offer is another amazing story when seated behind the wheels and as well know that your overnight is greatly present with you.

Africa has greatly proposed greater wilderness safari encounters which are widely scattered across the sub regions. The African wildness experience resides in the power to traverse throughout the varying regions of the wider dry/desert and semi-desert zone, drive to the coastline for the brighter and whiter sand and sun set, cruise across scattered savannahs and equatorial tropics.

Africa’s wilderness safaris with rooftop tent jeep are intense, ranging from wilderness drive through the open savannahs, and hikes and walks through the tropics for imaginable encounters including the Masai & Serengeti dramatic wildebeest migration, the Malawi Nyika plateau, South Africa greater wildness open of Kruger, the Namib deserts of Namibia and driving across the Okavango delta plus a walk through the jungle for the mountain gorillas and chimpanzee apes.

The mention on the Africa’s wilderness safaris is made possible mainly by the stronger 4×4 jeeps, so, many travelers have resorted to having the 4×4 safari jeep with rooftop tent. This consideration is a double score with a single slot stake catering for both transportation and accommodation as well.

Top Africa’s wilderness safari possible with rooftop tent jeep;

Virunga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

This a top Africa’s highlight of the rest of the adventures. Yes, the adventure is worthy to top on the safari to consider undertaking with the rooftop tent jeep. A drive this time continues into the deep jungles of the two designated mountain gorilla jungles at the extreme east of the central African forests of Virunga Conservation Areas of Rwanda, DRC and Uganda and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda. While in the jungle there are various camping sites which where one can level their jeeps for the rooftop tent overnight. Gorilla trekking here is historical tracing the human background that is thought to date over 40 million years when man evolved from the gorillas. This is evidenced with the biological research which confirms the gorillas to possess much of the human DNA taking a share of 98%.

Kruger National Park

The steeped historical of the Kruger national park South Africa presents an awesome experiences concerning Africa’s wilderness safari. The flat savannahs accommodates grounds for rooftop tent camping experiences. It’s one Africa’s most popular national parks seen receiving volumes of travelers from across the world, 4×4 jeeps are seen lining up wanders for a perfect wild African encounter at the park. The relatively flat landscape nature has facilitated much for the jeep rooftop tent at Kruger especially during the dry months.

The Wildebeest Migration Safari

The Serengeti and Masai Mara reserve annual wildebeest migration spectral only here. The neighboring wild reserves of Tanzania and Kenya respectively have always scored accolades of being Africa best parks to visit. The savannah opening avails chances for greater encounters including herds of antelopes, Big Five games, primates, birding among so many reflections. 4×4 rental and jeeps are the only possible cruises that can traverse through these endless offers, there quite a number of available camping spaces where one can level their 4×4 rooftop tent jeeps for the overnight.

Nyika Plateau of Malawi

One of the greater vast that arranged within the rift valley, overlooking highlands and that offer 45 to 180 view of either side. This plateau was preserve to ensure the safety of the unique landscape of southern Africa which harbor quite a number of characters including the Afro-montane and stands a remote destination but worth a drive for rooftop tent overnight accompanied by a number of wildlife views.

The Okavango Delta safari Botswana

This is a 15,000sqkm rich biodiversity formed by river Okavango that flows from Angolan highlands through Namibia and finally to Botswana. The Okavango delta or grassland is a unique swampy inland delta formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic trough making it one of the world’s largest inland delta. As many deltas pour into lakes and seas, in a special and unique way the Okavango pours onto the open land flooding, forming various fingers savannah drainage. The Okavango delta has attracted on of the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa displaying one of most rewarding wilderness safari. This greater and oversized Botswana savannah has proven possibilities of camping safaris and very welcoming for rooftop tent camping.

Ngorongoro Crater

Another Tanzania’s most catching wilderness spots, situated in the proximity of the Serengeti reserve, the Ngorongoro conservation area as well suggest another perfect Africa’s adventures. The crater decorate a spectacular beauty, this caldera and collapsed volcanoes with the larger scattered savannah houses a great number of wildlife species. The rolling terrain of the reserve makes its routes an accessible without the 4×4 fleets, considering the 4×4 rooftop tent jeeps is a freewill drive through the beaten path of Ngorongoro conservation. And after a wider game watching, it’s as well a perfect night on the rooftop tent jeeps.

The Sahara sand dunes

The sub-Sahara region spread right from central Africa extending to the northern region covering over 11 countries of Morocco, Egypt, and Libya etc. The Sahara desert experiences much of the dry oceanic winds that have sprayed and made hips of elevated landscape. The Camaro ride, deserts walks to the oasis and watching a number of deserts dwellers/animals is a packed trials and at the end of the day luxurious campsites are set aside to ensure a night. Rightly one can have a lovely spot where can park their 4×4 safari jeeps with rooftop tent and spend a night right there.


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