Drakensberg Mountains

The Drakensberg Mountains might just be the top notch of South Africa’s many beautiful sceneries. The Drakensberg is South Africa’s highest mountain range and is located in the Kwazulu-Natal and Free State Province in eastern South Africa. And we are not the first people on earth to marvel at the beauty of this region. The Drakensberg Moutains are full of caves where you can find ancient rock art and paintings made by the Bushmen, thousands of years ago.

The highest peaks in the Drakensberg Mountain Range are at the border to Lesotho, and reach almost 3500 meters above sea level. And naturally, they will always attract adrenaline hunting rock climbers. And if the old fashioned rock climbing is not enough for you, there are more options waiting for you, including ice climbing, white water rafting and helicopter rides.

It is not true that Drakensberg is only for the adrenaline seeking travelers. Apart from endless of opportunities for hiking, the area is perfect for a relaxing break from your everyday life. Or you can go there to watch the rock art or several hundred different species of birds!

As a tourist you will have several hotels and resorts to choose from, as this region is developing fast as a tourist destination. And this means that right now is probably the best time to go, before the crowds get too big! The Drakensberg National Park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000, and this title may very well help attract more and more travelers in the years to come. Though, this title is nothing compared to the natural attraction the Drakensberg has: The amazing and fairytale-like landscape!