Planning Small Group Tours in Uganda


Group safari tours are a great way to experience Africa for those who prefer to travel with like minded individuals to new and exciting safari places. Group tours in Uganda are a new travel trend for budget and cheap travel experience in small size groups of people. The tours are open to everyone from eight years and above with a minimum of 8- 12 people. Each traveler benefits from all other group members from not cost cut down aspects but also making new friends.

Travelling this way helps many to explore several travel destinations of interest at affordable rates available. If you are up to joining a group safari in Uganda find bellow the list of most organized tours and make a choice. All group safaris in Uganda offer comfortable accommodation for either camping safaris or self contained lodging facility. Join others with the same travel interest as one on a particular group safari and enjoy experience and save big.

Gorilla Safari Group Tours

A fantastic most exciting primate safari trip to Bwindi impenetrable National Park that offers a great mix of mountain gorilla viewing and culture. This is excellently organized with everything inclusive that is transport, gorilla permit, accommodation and all other activities included in the itinerary. Most trips start and end in Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Usually, a typical gorilla safari runs for atleast three days (two nights) that is only to the gorilla national park, but changes can be made depending on traveler’s interests especially in the tour duration for those whom need to explore other national parks and attractions of the country.

Wildlife Group Tours

Travel in company of wildlife lovers as a team and explore the best wildlife parks in Uganda. Enjoy fan viewing wildlife experience in Queen Elizabeth national Park a home of incredible views, tree climbing lions, birds, hippos, crocodiles and chimpanzees. This trip involves morning and evening game viewing experiences, chimpanzee trekking, boat cruise and nature walks to natural reserved forests. Same applies to tourists who visit Murchison falls on a wildlife group safari. Though park tour activities look same the experience is totally different for those who visit either Murchison falls or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day Trips & Excursions

There are many group day trips & excursions open to everyone Monday –Sunday. Most organized are the one day trip to Ngamba Island to view chimpanzees, 1 day white water rafting tour, city tour excursions to Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe.

Walking & Biking Tours

In Uganda theses are commonly organized in remote settings areas especially in communities near prime attraction are a great for travelers with interest in community well being of the locals. There are many chances of mixing up with locals and witnessing their life in Africa.


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