Safari Styles

Safari Styles: Endless means to make “African” Memories…

You’ve always thought that one day, perhaps you will also go on a one of a kind adventure! Just like those amazing documentaries on TV, you wanted to be part of a great “African Adventure”! The chance is here now; you have finally managed time for that long vacation, and what better way to spend it than taking the leap towards that amazing “African experience”!!

But you can’t just jump into the middle of one, you have to sit back and think it out. More so because Africa is a vast land, with unique experiences for all…and innumerable Affiliated Safari Styles to suit everyone’s’ taste! Here’s documenting some of the most popular safari styles in Africa….

First on the list is the Fly-in safari. Imagine flying over an unending expanse of ever changing African terrains, enjoying the bird’s eye view of African wildlife…it’s no dream. All this could be yours if you sign up with one of Africa’s famous Fly-in Safaris.

Moving on…you can indulge in one of the Luxury Lodge safaris in the heart of the African wilderness. Or you can enjoy the true African experience with a Walking Safari. Nothing beats walking close to nature in all her pristine beauty, drinking in and drowning in sensual pleasure that accompanies such trips…you can make so many memories!

And in case you want to ride through Africa, your hair billowing in the gusty warm winds, eyes blazing in the sun…go for one of those African horseback safaris. And if you love water, just sign up for a Canoe Safari for an unforgettable “wet” African experience You can both quench your thirst for kayaking as well as enjoy a breathtaking view.

If high tech driving is more your thing, choose a Mobile and Overland safari, or if you feel more adventurous, go for a Self Drive safari. Then again, you can enjoy the view from atop a camel or an elephant in one of those Camel or Elephant Safaris.

And if these are not quite for you, enjoy a view from the comfort of a Balloon Safari! For those who just can’t get enough of sports, Africa presents Mountain bike safaris and Golfing safaris.

The options are endless right? And this was just a preview, look up our inner pages for more information on each of these safari styles. Only then can you make an informed decision…so don’t forget to visit our inner pages!! Enjoy! 🙂

Popular Safaris

There are many types of African safaris. I always thought of a safari as something you did with John Wayne and chased big rhinos, or hunted elephants and lions. Not so. Certainly there are hunting safaris, but there are many other types, too. If you are planning on going on an African safari, you will want to familiarize yourself with your options so that you may have a more enjoyable experience.

Drive Safaris

East African and Central African drive safaris are usually done in a mini-van, while drive safaris in South Africa are mostly done in open 4 x 4 vehicles, which help you to better see the scenery and wildlife. South Africa also offers self-drive safaris which allow you to use their well developed road systems to go off on your own tour.

Walking Safaris

Some African countries, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, offer walking safaris. On these you will generally hike 5 to 8 miles per day, with plenty of breaks to admire the wildlife and landscape. Being on foot allows you to access more remote and untouched areas that hold plenty of wildlife such as elephant, lion, buffalo and rhino.

Mobile Tent and Camping Safaris

This would be a combination of the drive and walking safaris. Usually, in a mobile tent trip, you will stay at a lodge or similar accommodation each night. In a true camping safari, also called cross-country safari, you are roughing it with tents and normal camping chores and activities. These trips can last for several days.

Canoe Safari

Paddle your way down one of the great rivers in Africa, such as the Zambezi River which divides Zimbabwe and Zambia. This will give you a whole different perspective of the plant and animal life.

Elephant, Horseback and Camel back Safari

Elephant back, horseback and camelback safaris bring you into being one with nature. There are tours that offer the use of these well trained animals which can really enhance your experience. Imagine spending the day with an elephant, enjoying its company, feeding and eating with it and becoming good friends!

Rail Safari

In Southern Africa, you can take the tour by train. This kind of safari might be more enjoyed by those who enjoy a little more comfort and class in their trip.

Sailing and Houseboat Safaris

Do you really want to go in style Enjoy your safari from a yacht! This is great way to see some of the wildlife that to stay closer to the water like hippos and crocodiles. Choose the houseboat safari and do little fishing while you are enjoying the view.

Tracking Safari
Tracking safaris are a great way to see amazing animals that are rare and hard to find, and enjoy them in their own natural habitat. There are African safaris that track gorillas, chimpanzees, and tree climbing lions.

Bird Watching Safari

Big game not your thing? Bird watchers can still get their thrills on a bird watching safari. But, pay attention, you will probably still see plenty of big game.