What to Pack

Checklist For Packing For An African Safari

Before leaving your house to go on your safari adventure, there are a few things that you must remember to pack. Some key essentials are your passport and visas and one other thing you should definitely do is check ahead to make sure you have all necessary visas.
International vaccination cards, traveler’s checks, two copies of your passport, passport photos, visas, and health record, driver’s license and any other ID.

Now I am sure the last thing you would want is to get sick on your trip, so prevent that by making sure you take all the necessary precautions. Malaria tablets are something you should bring along however, do remember they are not a preventative, just a pill that will suppress the harsh symptoms of malaria, so cover up at night and sleep under your mosquito netting.

Iodine tablets are another must, contaminated water is your worst enemy in Africa. If you choose to not buy the very affordable spring water, you will want to treat your water with iodine.Re-hydration salts are something that taste like hell but will make your body feel like a king after an inevitable surge of Montezuma’s revenge, better known as traveler’s diarrhea.

Chap stick is simple but you will find that it is necessary. The plains are dusty and dry so without it, your lips can look like and feel like the terrain you will cross on safari. Vitamin tablets, small first aid kit, tweezers, headache or allergy medicine for squinting, sun, and bumpy jeep rides through the plains can all contribute to a pounding headache. It is best to always come prepared.

Some things that you should bring to wear include a wide brim hat or scarf for sun protection, cotton long sleeved shirts because tsetse flies, mosquitoes, and other insects can be brutal in some game parks. Also, temperatures can plummet to very extreme cold at night.

Also pack fleece for cool evenings and it is also great as an extra pillow on planes and a butt cushion on safari drives. Urban sandals, that act as shower shoes are mandatory and cheap. You would be surprised what type of foot diseases are just lurking within public showers. That is a very comprehensive checklist for packing for an African safari, always be prepared.