Best Times to Go

Many people wonder about the best times to go on a safari in Africa. Here is important information that you should know so that you can plan a perfect trip!

Would you like to go for gorilla trekking in Africa? Do you want to see all the Baby animals,  maybe witness the great migration or just want to know when is the best time to see the Big Five on a safari in Africa? Our Safari Timing guide will tell you when is the best time to go.

So if you combine all these elements above you get the perfect Safari !

Avoid these two Months. . .

Safaris are mostly in-season, and you can go all year round. But be careful, there are 2 months in a year you want to avoid and this changes depending on the region you are visiting. Our simple to read ions warn you of the worst times to go, for the top 10 destinations in Africa, and more importantly tell you when it the best time to go.

Visibility is key

So the rainy season is over, and your travel agent says: “it’s a good time to go!”
Is he Right? Not always. If you just experienced several consecutive rainy months, the vegetation could be so dense you will not able to see any animals.

You will also find animals avoid the roads in general, and if they can find lush vegetation away from the roads they will stay away and make them harder to spot. This ripple effect makes it hard to spot all animals during this time. And makes it near impossible to see the big 5

Our visibility indicators tell you when is the best time to go and spot that roaring Lion.