Volcanoes National Park

Africa has always been the only continent with outstanding primates and wildlife but the East Africa region ranks best in exclusive mountain gorilla adventures. Out of the five gorilla national parks in East Africa, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda is the best place to see mountain gorillas, golden monkeys together with pleasing hikes that bring out nature and its beauty. Thinking of an Africa holiday and Rwanda safari tours in particular is by choice but the exciting, memorable and amazing experience is a must. Mountain gorillas are world’s most valuable tourism attraction and best hope for future generations in Africa and the world in general. However choosing to visit mountain gorillas on a gorilla tracking safari is a very remarkable experience and whoever does it doesn’t remain the same. It’s fun to see mountain gorillas and spend a few hours discovering the beautiful natural forests that house them daily. You don’t need a couple days to make this done while in Rwanda because one day is just enough for one to make this dream come true.

Each day of trekking mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park makes a deposit in their well being and protection as well as changing the lives of the surrounding community. Mountain gorilla tracking is indeed un usual occasion for tourists, researchers and adventure seekers. Getting an impressive life changing memories is absolutely worthy the cost, struggle and effort. Before the trek there are some moments that prepare trackers for the reality and meeting up with other day’s trackers and ranger guides for the morning briefing and cup of tea at the park headquarters is a very important thing for every tracker. Looking around while at the head quarter is another beautiful thing that awakens the mind to focus on only nature and its beauty. The walk into the forest after the briefing session is manageable and rewarding as it exposes a lot of forest habitats including other primates, birds and many un expected. The more you move close to the giant apes the more exciting it gets  knowing that the moment is yet to come. Beyond doubt seeing mountain gorillas is a moment of reality, love and compassion expressed by commitment and sacrifice.

If there is anything one can do out of love and willingness, booking a gorilla safari is really one of them. Rwanda has always offered wonderful gorilla tracking trips in volcanoes national park that guests end up opting to explore other Rwanda national parks including Nyungwe forest that famed across the world for its unique chimpanzee tracking experience. Lake kivu  is also one most desired   especially  if tourists  want to relax close to water  in a great beach setting. Some feel the exploration of the country’s capital-Kigali city before heading back home is the best option since it unveils a lot about the country’s daily life style, business and most sold products. Those who love history go in for Rwanda genocide sites which are conveniently visited on enroute stops no matter where one is coming from. We all go on holiday but Rwanda gorilla tracking safaris in Africa are the best for primate viewing adventures.