Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda is naturally designed for great outdoors. It has the mountain gorillas which are one of the rare species of gorillas to see in this varsity world.

These species of gorillas are about 900 individuals in the world and Rwanda has a third of the population. Mountain gorillas are endangered species of animals under the red list of International Union of Conservation for Nature (IUCN). Visiting them on a gorilla safari with in the jungles is one way of keeping them alive so that they do not get extinct since the money the tourists pay to watch the mountain gorillas is injected in conservation and preservation efforts. The latter is not only the reason as to why the mountain gorillas are unique animals to watch but also their eye catching social characters make them the best wild animals to watch in their natural setting.  Mountain gorillas are well organized animals in their family hierarchy as there is serious respect of different individuals in the gorilla groups. The alpha male is the ultimate head of the family and everything rotates around him. Their communication is both vocal and of sign language like humans. It is really a unique adventure to watch the gorillas in Rwanda at volcanoes national park.

These animals are so special as they are so intelligent and one may thinks that they are real humans the way they relate socially within their families. They have so much respect for the silver back the alpha male gorillas and everything around the family rotates around him. They also have the ability to use tools like tree branches and leaves to build their homes and also gather food. Words cannot explain the real gorilla safari experience unless someone physically visits the mountain gorillas in the bamboo forests of the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda.