Rwanda is a hidden gem of flora and fauna as a few people know about it but whoever visits this amazing country only has special remarks for it. For starters, Rwanda is a home to the endangered species of mountain gorillas which are located in the forested Virunga ranges in the north eastern part.

Rwanda is known as the country with a thousand of hills and those numerous hills there are natural beauties that exist. This is why Rwanda has become an ideal tourism gem for many people around in the world. Thousands and thousands of people fly to Rwanda to experience its wildlife. Rwanda’s wildlife is not just common wildlife; it’s wildlife that cannot easily be found anywhere else.  This why it has all the bragging rights to label itself the number one top tourism destination in the great lakes region.

Its part of life to travel but a visit to Rwanda is a unique travel experience that starts immediately as you land at Kigali international airport. All safaris in Rwanda offer great adventures to whoever is on holiday and being part of it makes you meet the wonderful beauty of Africa. The home of great safari adventures owns the world’s remaining mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, wildlife, lakes & Rivers, hills, islands, mountains and the most loved culture in East Africa. The three national parks, Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera  present wildlife and nature in different platforms including short & long treks, walks, and excursions that can be done  either in the morning or afternoon. I believe that Rwanda attractions reward and fulfill visitor’s imaginations that instead make them love Africa and even recommend it to others. All of the significant steps have been taken to keep all the natural attractions in shape enabling visitors to experience the best year after year.

Things to See in Rwanda

The Mountain Gorillas

It has a third of the population of mountain gorillas in the world. The world has less than 900 mountain gorillas and Rwanda has about 320. The mountain gorillas are one of the most popular tourism products in the world due to the lifetime experience one cultivated on the encounter.

Other Primates

Moving away from the gorillas Rwanda has the largest montane forest in East Africa Nyungwe forest. This a forest that inhabits 13 different species of primates the most notable ones are chimpanzees, red tailed monkey, black and white monkeys and grey cheeked mangabey.

In total, Rwanda is also a home to 15 different species of primates namely the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, golden monkeys, blue monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey cheeked Mangabey and Vervet monkeys among the special ones. It is always wonderful to hang out with these playful primates as they jump from one tree canopy to another.


Rwanda’s authentic traditional culture is worth to experience. This can be encountered by visiting the different traditional and historical sites of Rwanda like the genocide memorial centre, the market place, the presidential palace, museums and also the cultural villages like Iby’iwacu. Getting to know more about Rwanda and mix and mingle with the traditional cultural of Rwanda gets one close to nature.

Things to Do in Rwanda

Primates Tracking

Rwanda’s primates are amazing to track as they are so playful and also very intelligent in the way they do their day to day activities the chimpanzees in particular. While in Nyungwe Forest, the visitor is able to encounter beautiful bird species and butterflies that color up the sky. Another unique attraction in this forest is the canopy walk, here the visitor trek around the forest on an 50 meter elevated trail from the ground and have the opportunity to have a good aerial view of the forest.

Scenic Viewing

Rwanda is a country with several hilly areas and this is why it is called a land of a thousand hills and among those hills, there are very magnificent ones with lashing green cover. They always give an onlooker a very beautiful scenic view that can make one forget all the worries and wonder how God is an amazing artist.


Apart from scenic viewing, these mountains are good for hiking which is also a very competitive adventurous activity. Reaching at the peak of a mountain gives a traveler self satisfaction of overcoming a tough challenge of hiking a feature of such great heights like these mountains.

The mountains to hike in Rwanda are found in the Virunga ranges that is Karisimbi and Bisoke mountains. A four day trip to these amazing is adventure that can never forgotten. It takes two days to hike the Karisimbi range and the hiker sleeps at the peak of the range and then slopes back the following and Bisoke is a one day hike adventure.


On top of hiking, camping is also done at these amazing ranges. At camp sites one gets to read a novel around the fire, telling past interesting stories and also having Nyama Chomo. It feels so nice to camp on these mountains as it makes one forget all the problems in the world.

With meeting the mountain gorillas, the primates in Nyungwe and mixing and mingling with traditional culture one gets to know mama nature more.

Rwanda Travel Guide

Every visitor to Rwanda is advised to have a Rwanda visa and yellow fever certificate in order to have  successful travels all through.However,for those in love with the multiple destinations in East Africa, single tourist visa  works  best since it save you the budded of making several payments and time. But for those visiting Rwanda only for holiday purposes a Rwanda tourist visa will only take $30 from your pocket. In the past few years Rwanda has become the definition of all primate and leisure holidays due to convenient connection to other places of tourism interest in the region. In reality Rwanda is the most spectacular tourism destination in Africa and an obvious choice for environmental conscious travelers. It’s easy to explore several destinations in east Africa while in Rwanda since it’s well located just close to others. No wonder many travelers find it easy to visit Rwanda and Uganda at the same time especially those on Gorilla tracking tours. Some prefer tracking in Rwanda first and make the second trek in Uganda as they experience life changing memories of the wild jungle.

Above all it’s only in Rwanda where one can enjoy sights and sounds within a short while and at affordable rates. Being with at least adventures of all kinds and all in close vicinities, one can use just a day to explore Rwanda most kept and well protected attraction the “mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park. The interesting thing is that even with in that one day of your gorilla trek, you can still have a few hours to explore the country’s capital Kigali. But if gorilla trekking isn’t your thing, a lot of fantastic tour activities wait for you including the Kigali city tour, wildlife viewing trip in Akagera, a full day beach leisure tour in Gisenyi Lake Kivu and many more. Come around and explore different Rwanda attractions on different Rwanda safari tours in either private or groups tours and have stories and memories to tell for generations.