Best Places Where to See Mountain Gorillas


Did you that mountain gorillas are the prime attraction of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo? Being the only mountain gorilla destinations across the world, the three countries travel and tourism is flagged by gorillas across the world. The delicious anticipation of a fabulous gorilla trekking country is a perhaps only a photo of mountain gorillas in the wild jungle forest surrounding that will confirm the return memories of your Africa holiday.

While all other countries will present other wildlife and cultural features in travel markets, fairs, travel websites, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo will only bring out a flier designed with a mountain gorilla as a natural sign of beauty and conservation of tourism. I feel glad to find gorillas as the main travel brand of three nations since it’s a life living treasure that can be maintained through conservation and its trekking experience is second to none in all wildlife and primate adventures in the world. Travellers trek gorillas in any country of their interest depending on the nature and itinerary of the holiday.

However, gorilla photos and videos offer tourists glimpse of what awaits them in the jungle forest of Virunga National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Virunga National Park

The well conserved Virunga forest brings out the real sense of nature beautiful destinations for gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and Nyiragongo volcanoes hike. The striking views of the landscape and park surrounding entertain you all through both during the trek and after. Exciting classic encounters is all you can expect under the guidance of armed ranger guides .The Virunga Move will explain to detail why Congo chose mountain gorillas as their prime attraction and flag bearer of their travel industry.Besides, Congo has tropical climate with high temperatures and humidity with the entire country lying around the Equator in both north and south. The country has a lot to offer other than gorillas like unique wildlife, bamboos, historical sites, River rapids, etc.

Volcanoes National Park

The design of every Rwanda tour and travel holiday blends with mountain gorilla flagship branded everywhere, on travel fair fliers, tour packages and on travel sign posts. The Rwanda development board and Rwanda tour operators find pride in using mountain gorilla’s photos as assign of Rwanda travel and tourism.

Tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is a great achievement in life full of memories and amazing moments to cherish for decades. Gorilla trekking tours are open for everyone and tourists are allowed to visit these beautiful primates Monday to Sunday provided one has a gorilla gate pass that cost only $750 per a single trek. Nothing brings home the historic transformation than mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

If you looking for a perfect gorilla trekking tour, Rwanda is one of those amazing destinations to check out offering classic safari experience in volcanoes national park .

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Discover the wild jungle forest and a home of mountain gorillas- Bwindi Impenetrable National Park a prime attraction in Uganda and a travel flag of the travel industry.Head out on a Uganda gorilla tour and come face to face with the silverback gorilla proving what you usually see on billboards, travel videos, movies, photos and fliers and travel packages. Besides, Bwindi Forest is Uganda’s best known travel flag barrier a home to a huge number of some of the world remaining mountain gorillas in the world. Gorilla safaris in Uganda rank best and attract hundreds every year to experience the outstanding encounter.

Travellers are free to visit all gorilla parks or only two depending on their interest and tasty the difference. Tour experts offer all kinds of gorilla trekking tours including budget, midrange and luxury holidays. Uganda the Pearl of Africa has always been a friendly and calm country for exclusive Africa holidays year round. Other mountain gorilla park still in Uganda is Mgahinga National park famous for rewarding hikes, birding, gorilla trekking, culture encounter and golden monkey trekking.


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