Safari Guide Loses it, Leaves Tourists Behind


A tour guide leading a walking safari in South Africa made news when he left a group of tourists behind after a Germany tourist became uncooperative. Nic, a tour guide in south Africa started out patiently briefing tourists on how they should behave while in the bush and within the video he is heard instructing and warning an uncooperative German tourist who just didn’t seem to understand the dangers involved with being in the bush.

But after at least four admonishments, the guide finally lost his cool with the German tourist, chewed the man out, and stomped off in a huff. The safari guide warned the group of tourists he was leading to keep their voices down and stick together. However the German tourist interrupted the whole waling safari with a loud voice. Again, the guide instructed to keep voices down, and even other tourists shushed the man. But the German tourist ignored them all and wandered toward the bush where a dangerous animal was believed to be. At one point you hear a guttural growl of what sounds like a lion.

“I’m being very serious,” the safari guide said. “There is no fence between you and the animals, OK? You guys stick together, even if something charges out of the bushes at any moment.”

The video cuts out and then resumes with an irate guide yelling in English and Afrikaans, “There is a huge animal in the bush! …Shut up…Keep quiet… Stay there.” Finally, the tour guide said, “They are going to bring a Jeep for you. Stay here.”

The safari guide stomped off, leaving the tourists to cater for themselves within the bush. The man was eventually escorted off the reserve, and the rest of the tourists were picked up later and got back safely—and with a lot to tell.


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