Does Visiting Lesser-Known Places Offer a Better Travel Experience?

Northern Uganda

With the covid-19 pandemic punching us left right centre, aspirations, plans and dreams of travellers to go to new places are being stifled. The pandemic is such an enigma to the life of every traveller around the world. However, as wanders, we have to keep on tabs and also find things that can interest us regardless of the prevailing situation. After the pandemic, make an effort and try out something new to get out of your comfort zone, travel to a place that is less known to the travel fraternity. Touring an unknown destination is a lifetime experience and very meritorious.

In this article, we bring to you the benefits of visiting lesser-known places offers a better travel experience;

Way less expensive and private

For starters, less known places are way less costly than the popular ones. The known tourism destinations tend to command high costs due to the high demand from them by various tourists around the world. The less known ones are cheap since the turn up is normally low. Subsequently, the management always sets up an attractive price to pull visitors. With the fewer costs that come with the less known places, the traveller spends less money on the trip and hence saving a few dollars. There is some bit of privacy in these less known travel places because of the few numbers of people around. Serenity and calmness is something every traveller yearns for while on a vacation.

Hands-on interaction with the travel personnel and locals

The less-visited places offer authentic or original socialisation between the travellers and staff and local people around the area. With fewer visitors in the places, the personnel at the destination are able to give you ample time of serving thus providing room to interact wholesomely. In addition to that while visiting these kinds of places, a tourist has all the time in the world, he/she is able to meet the local people to understand their cultural norms and this expands one’s sociology knowledge.

Enjoy the local meals

Most of the time, the less known places keep it real. Let it be food or attraction because in most cases, these are nature-based destinations. Their cuisines are locally grown and cooked, a visitor being able to taste some other food that is unusual to him/her. The local meals are always organic for example; when you visit a place like Uganda, you are offered organic foods like matooke, sweet potatoes, local breed chicken, African vegetables and also fresh fruits. These foods are some of the best, one can ever taste around the world.

Bragging rights of discovering something new

The lesser-known places are partially explored places; these are destinations that are less visited by the common travellers. Once you visit as a tourist, there is always something to discover out of the place. You might be the first person out of the many to encounter or experience the place in your circle. There is a hunch with regular travellers, they always look forward to finding new places to have that self-contentment and also brag around their cliques while narrating their experience.

A chance for extraordinary pictures

Most travellers visit places for photographic experiences. The less known places offer travellers outstanding and unique pictures. These hidden gems have peculiar features or environments that give an enthralling and scintillating background to the traveller’s pictures.


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