7 Ways to Travel More and Maximize Limited Vacation Time


7 Tips for How to Travel More with Limited Vacation Time In Africa.

Apparently, all people would need vacations, time off work to travel the world and spend time with their loved ones. But there is limited time off which exerts a lot of pressure on how to do it right. Whether it’s one week off or three weeks, there is a way to make that time feel abundant.

A one week vacation can seem much more if well planned. There are plenty of ways to get out and see the world without having to be a long time traveler. Staying home in the vacation time in the name of limited time is just a weak excuse.

In this busy world, the would-be globetrotters wonder how to maximize a handful of the vacation days, whether a weekend escape or a lifetime trip.

  1. Plan ahead.
    Planning the time off in advance simply means that there is that trip that is looked forward to. Most travelers anticipate the trip because it is also as exciting as taking the trip itself. Planning in advance gives better chances of getting time-off requests approved earlier and enables a traveler to save enough on hotels, cars and much more.The ones that don’t love solo travelling get all the time to check on the groups that are likely to travel in the same time to allow them have fun filled and interesting activities at a fraction cost.
  2. Have a personal bucket list.
    At every start of the year, draft a travel bucket list, places that you so much want to tour. It’s true that the whole world cannot be traveled in just one or two weeks, but that does not mean that travelers should not prioritize their dream destinations. A 9 days wildlife safari in Uganda cannot take you around the whole country, but it’s simply enough for a gorilla safari in Bwindi impenetrable national park if it was on the must do things in Uganda.
  3. Travel to near places.
    One common mistake among the holiday makers is thinking that traveling is going thousand miles away from home. Regardless of the distance moved, whether close or far, it is still a trip and doubtlessly, there are interesting places within a driving distance that you have not been to yet.
  4. Be a local tourist.
    When did you last have a trip in your own country? Choose to be a domestic tourist. It is now a guarantee that there is a lot which most travelers don’t know about their home countries simply because on every thought of a vacation, all they can think of is a trip outside their own country. Yes, this is not bad, but because of maximizing the limited time off work, a domestic trip would be so appropriate.
  5. Take a red eye (overnight) flight back home.
    This allows travelers to spend most of their last days enjoying other than waiting at the airport. Truly overnight flights are not so fun, but they save a lot of transit time. For vacationists that are maximizing their holidays to enjoy even the very last minutes of the trip love red eye flights more than anyone.
  6. Extend business trips.
    If in any place for a business trip, it’s often not too hard to extend that trip for a day or two to have more time to venture into that destination where the business conference or meeting was held. Or maybe a stopover somewhere can be added before heading home.
  7. Opt for weekend getaways.
    Sometimes it’s better to spend a weekend somewhere never been before. Those two weekend days are still enough to tour a town or city close to your home. Saturday and Sunday isn’t a lot of time, but a few days somewhere is far better than no days anywhere. Incorporating more weekend trips gives you enough time to travel to fewer remaining destinations on your bucket list when you finally get your time off work.

If you ever wanted to make the most of the limited vacation time, follow those simple ways, a seven days leave will seem way much than the usual seven days. Remember, you can’t get the best out your limited time if you don’t use it at all.


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