Tips For A Safe Road Trip In Uganda


Road trips in Uganda are becoming popular as there has been a considerable growing number of road trippers. Though these road trips are very interesting, it is upon you the traveler to consider and decide what you should do or tips necessary to have a safe road trip in Uganda.

Exploring this country is always fun but when you take on a road trip, it means more adventure experience as you go through different tourism destinations because it offers independence and abundant scenic views. It gives you the freedom to stop any other time you want and at your own convenience. More so it becomes more fun due to the hospitable nature of the Ugandan people.

These tips are as important to your life as they are in your trip, because they are a guide to shrugging off the hindrances on your way.

Necessary items such as driving license are important for a safe road trip because you can be stopped any time by the authorities, things like travel map for direction, first aid kit just in case of emergency and other medical supplies are key to a safe road trip in Uganda.

Ensure that you abide by the park rules and regulations every time you visit it. This includes maintaining the right speed especially knowing that over speeding attracts a fine of UGX 100.000, off track driving attracts a fine of $150, paying entrance fees, and making sure you are in company of ranger whenever walking within the park.

Check your car properly before you set off for a journey. Thorough checks include the mechanical and physical condition and also take a test drive where necessary. The service tag to ascertain time of last service.

Take caution and always give way to those over driving; this is normally for your own good. It’s recommended for long distance safaris to have at least two spare tires, check oil, any leakages, lighting, water levels plus the existing tires must be in very good conditions.

In case of stopping at any point, make sure that the car is packed in a visible parking space and doesn’t interfere with movement of other vehicles. You should also ensure that you have locked your car and you don’t leave your valuables inside where they can be easily seen. It’s advisable for you to always move with them.

Always drive defensively in areas you are not familiar with, go slow, put in consideration other road users, the pedestrians given the fact that many roads in Uganda have no pedestrian walks, students and cattle crossing. Other drivers and motorists are also road users so be vigilant in playing safe.

Driving in the night can prove to be risky and we don’t encourage it at all, given the fact that outside Kampala is very rare to see street lights. High way robbers are also another risk but in case of any problem, get help from the nearest police station. It is also true that in some places especially where destinations are located, the network coverage is always very poor, so to play it safe you always need a satellite phone for easy communication.

However you should also note that, although traffic laws and regulations do exist in Uganda, they are not always followed.  Don’t be surprised when you are over taken in a blind corner or government cars passing you by on a high speed. As well as poor state of the roads leading to and within up country destinations, they are also bumpy, have a lot of potholes, narrow, with very many obstacles. It is always upon you to be very vigilant on your road trip to fully maximize the experience.

All the above mentioned road trip safety tips should be well with in your grasp before taking on the Ugandan roads to ensure you and your loved ones get to your pre-determined destinations safe and sound.


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