A Practical Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Rwanda Gorilla

Gorilla Trekking has become one of the most popular adventures to take in Africa. This wildlife experience is rated as the most thrilling wildlife safari experiences in the world and you can check out its reviews on travel review websites like Trip Advisor. With so many travelers opting for gorilla trekking in the jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo, here is a practical guide for beginners looking to planning this world known adventure;

What is Gorilla Trekking?

Gorilla Trekking is the observation of gorillas in their natural forested jungle home. This recreational life time safari experience unveils the secret beauty of rare primates in the world. You may have seen multiple primate species but that of mountain gorillas is filled with exceptional beauty  that make it one of the most loved wildlife encounter  in Africa. There is so much to enjoy on your gorilla trekking safari in Africa from the lush green jungle forest, ancient local tradition, golden monkey trek, Nyiragongo trek, nature walks, primate viewing, bird watching, cycling, hiking to the world class wonderful hilly landscape.

Gorilla Tracking Process

Tracking mountain gorillas starts at before sunrise which means early wake up with a healthy breakfast, packed lunch and a quick drive to the park briefing point. The sense of excitements increases as you set off into the jungle to search for the beautiful habituated primates. The hikes are rewarding so you need to be fit enough to manage.Remeber to carry enough drinking water, insect repellant and dress right in long sleeved and a rain jacket because nature can’t be predicted. The trek can last between one and half hours and six hours depending on how far you’re the gorillas could be. Once you find then enjoy a full hour of photography and observation a moment that require good cameras plus good recording device.

Where to Track Gorillas

Mountain Gorillas live in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in the four national parks Mgahinga National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Park. The parks have a wide number of habituated gorillas ready for tourists each day provided one has a gate pass to the jungle-“Gorilla Permit”. However in all the three countries the gorilla trekking experience is same with a difference in gorilla permit prices and programs. Gorilla permits in Congo go for $350 per a trek , Uganda $600 and Rwanda $1500.But those who want to spend more time with gorillas can either track gorillas twice or book the gorilla habituation program that allows tourists to spend a full day in company of the wonderful apes.

Those interested in trekking low land gorillas visit Kahuzi Biega National Park, and Odzala- National Park in Congo for the top low land gorilla trekking safari destination in Africa. Though low land gorillas can also be found in West Africa but Congo is the best.

How to make your Trek a success

When you follow these steps definitely your gorilla safari tour will be a success either in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Chose your trekking destination, followed by gorilla permits and later head out for the trek. Make sure you reserve your gorilla trekking permits a few months to the trek in order to make your trip flexible. Use the right experts and you will never regreat.Remember tracking gorillas in Africa is conserving for generations.


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