Going on Safari in Uganda

Semuliki Safari

Concerning safaris, Uganda is a striking destination to meditate about. With abundance of wildlife, chain of rolling landscapes and Africa’s rated mountains, unique species like gorillas, chimpanzees and golden monkeys. An opening tropical treasures, perfect weather, hospitable people, tasty organic foods, excellent terrain that vary with regions.

Uganda, known as the Republic of Uganda is locked into the interior of East African. The country is closed with 5 countries of Tanzania from the south, Kenya in the east, South Sudan in the north, DR Congo in the east and Rwanda in the Southwest.

The country seats in the arrays of Western and Eastern Great Rift Valley. The country seats with great natural great natural wonders among which the biggest fresh water lake, the source of the world’s longest river, highest population of mountain gorillas, the 3rd and 4th highest mountain peaks among others.

The British PM Winston Churchill named this smaller countries the Pearl of African. Taking a safari to Uganda is rebranded as exploring Uganda the Pearl of Africa. You can take a tailor made safari to Uganda or take one of the scheduled safaris. It’s a rich country were you can take a 2 day safari to up 40 days and more depending on your travel desires.

Popular activities done on Uganda Safaris

  • Gorilla Trekking

The first mention on matters concerning Uganda, is gorilla trekking. This adventure highlight is unique and only customized for safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Uganda boosts for suggestion the greatest deals on gorilla tours each day, this comes with the highest number of habituated gorilla families.

Trekking gorillas is tracing the origin of the human race as researcher points it out. It’s scientifically believed that human beings evolved from these apes. This is backed up with high genital connectivity between the gorillas and humans where mountain gorillas share almost 98% of human DNA.

Gorilla safaris means one must have a permit which costs $700 to trek per day. Then wake up earlier, get briefed about trekking, roll into the jungle, search for apes which can last for about 30 to 4 hours and find them. On finding them, then you have a full hour in their presence enjoying the amazing presentation of the gorilla.

Gorilla safaris are only possible in the two volcanic tropics of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Bwindi Impenetrable is known for accommodating about half of the world gorilla population. Also the park has the highest number of habituated gorilla families, so suggesting the high opportunities of watching gorillas each day.

  • Big Five safaris

Uganda safari now can as well reward with the full package of the big five mammals. Through the 5 gazetted savanna parks which across the country one can watch some of the big fives at least from each park. The full package of the big five mammals, Ziwa rhino sanctuary must be included on the travel itinerary, the only place to track rhinos.

The list of big five including elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, leopards and lions. Opportunities to watch some of the big five is only if taken a safari to one of the savanna parks. There are 5 savanna parks out the 10, and these are Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park both located in northern Uganda. Others are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Semuliki National Park all located in western Uganda.

  • Wildlife Safaris

Top on the adventure activities done on Uganda activities. Wildlife activities are the most rewarding activities in Uganda. It’s impossible to have a safari to Uganda without the wildlife adventure activities. The wildlife adventure activities include game drives and wildlife boat launch which are perfected in the savannah parks.

Wildlife adventures brings closer to a collection of wildlife life both flora and fauna. This is well done while seated in your customized 4×4 safari vehicle driving through tracks made in savanna parks. The drives to off the beaten path, is the most perfect way to enjoy safaris in African.

The boat launch is done is three parks of Queen Elizabeth National Park on Kazinga channel, Kazinga channel is among the most populated hippo pools in Africa and various aquatic and wildlife species. The boat launch is also done on Murchison Falls National Park. The launch here starts are para and leads to watching the bottom of the mighty Murchison Falls one of wild rewarding boat launch. And the last one is done in Lake Mburo National Park.

Among the expectations on a wildlife adventure safaris is watching herds of elephants, buffalos, impalas, Uganda Kobs, Zebras, diki diki, bushbucks, waterbucks, elands, lions leopards, giraffes. Also aquatic include crocodiles, hippopotamus, monitor lizards. Several bird species both water and land birds can be counted among many other unmentioned animals.

  • Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking is one of the amazing adventures to do in Uganda. This adventure is closely related to gorilla trekking and some travelers take it as an alternative to gorillas. Uganda suggests the best chimpanzee tracking in East African region.

There are various chimpanzee tracking forests where tourist search for the apes in their nature sanctuaries. Chimpanzees available for tracking are fully habituated to ensure that trackers here have a chance to encounter the apes at the up close.

Kibale National Park located in western Uganda is the prime chimpanzee tracking destination in African. The park has two trekking sessions, which is the morning that starts at 8am and the afternoon session that starts at 2am. To trek chimpanzees one must have a permit, a permit to trek at Kibale forest costs $200, Kyambura $40 and Bundongo forest $80.

  • White water rafting

Get ready for the rough rapids, face the rapids, sail to kiss the rushes, deep into the rough rapids and then come out with that rush breathe. White water rafting at the source of the Nile River in Jinja is done on a global standard where rafters go for advanced grade IV and V. There is nothing thrilling to do along the Nile than these rapid rafting.

The Nile River has stature special breathtaking aspects of safari activities. The spot is very admirable to those ready tourist who relieve from the long the long adventures. White water rafting takes your from your lazily way of experiencing nature to that superb adventure.

Rafting in Uganda is only done in Jinja city, this is named to be the East African adrenaline capital of adventure. The city is located in the eastern from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. When doing white water rafting, there are several other activities done along. Among these include; tubing, kayaking, bungee jumping, water sliding, quad biking, horse riding among others.

  • Mountain climbing

Considering mountain climbing adventures in Uganda, then you can hike the 3rd and 4th African highest peak. Uganda is blessed with varying rolling landscape which is dotted with cones of isolated landscapes/ mountains.

Uganda is placed in the shadows of both the western and eastern rift valley. This makes the country endowed with various physical features that resulted from the results of rift valley formation. Among these features are the various mountains including the Rwenzori mountains, Mt. Elgon, the Virunga mountains among many others mountains that are spread across the country.

Mountain Rwenzori is Africa’s 3rd highest peak. Suggest the best hiking experience to its peak which is more challenging than hiking the Kilimanjaro. Mountain Rwenzori also called the mountain of the moon is unique because of its snowcapped peak called Margarita peak (5198m). There are various trekking trails, and hiking to the peak takes a maximum of 7 days to and fro.

Other hiking adventures including hiking mountain Elgon. The mountain has the largest mountain caldera in the world (45km) wide. Hiking the Virunga Mountain at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (Mt. Gahinga, Mt. Sabinyo and Mt. Muhavura) and many other hiking trails across the country.

Other safaris done in Uganda  

  • Birding adventures
  • Culture experiences
  • City tours
  • Visiting Ssese Island
  • Visiting Uganda Wildlife Education Center – Entebbe
  • Tree climbing lion tracking
  • Zip lining
  • White beach experience on Lake Victoria

Best time to go for a safari to Uganda

Uganda experiences a moderate climate which is rated almost the best climate in Africa. This makes the country one of the best tourist destination to visit all year around. Uganda is widely tropical with two weathers which are rainy and dry weather seasons. However, due to high global warming, the seasons keep on changing as a result of climate change.

Dry season

The best time ever to visit Uganda for safaris is always the dry season. One should note that weather here fluctuate in temperatures and rain reception as well. During the dry season temperatures can drop to around 16 0C for morning hours and rise to about 28 0C, northern Uganda can rise up to 30 0C.

All over the country, temperatures are high during months of December to February and from June to August. The northern is warmer during the dry season.

This is always the most preferred traveling period as roads are dry with limited driving resilience. Grasses are shorter in savannah parks which makes it perfect for wild game viewing. A dry months are peak traveling season in Uganda, during these period the influx of tourist is high and almost all tourist services are fully booked.

Wet/rainy season

Uganda rainy period doubles a years within months of March to May and September to November with the maximum reception. It’s not a guarantee of heavy rain pours during these specified periods but can take a week or a full day raining.

Southwestern Uganda tend to experience the longer wet period with high rainy reception. Gorilla trekking in most cases is done in slippery and moist forests due to heavy pours experience in the area. The wet season is a low traveling season with smaller influx of tourist in the country.

Most of the tourist destinations during the rainy seasons have small number of tourist. It’s an adorable traveling period for tourist who wish to visit tourist destinations with smaller number of tourists.

How best to do a safari in Uganda

  • Self-guided safaris

Another trending touring trail. Several tourist have mastered the art of hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle and handle the rest of their safari. It’s an amazing traveling phenomena that comes with benefits as one may wish. A self-guided safari is commonly known has self-drive. The phenomena is facilitated with a number car rental companies that have availed wide range of safari fleets for selection.

With a self-guided safari, you only have to rent out a car and handle yourself the rest of the trip. Trek the gorillas (rental companies can help reserve you a permit), search yourself for the best rewarding game drive tracks and many other considerations.

  • Partially guided safaris

It’s becoming famous but not widely practiced, and it’s more adorable as it leaves you under control of your safari trip. Partially guided safaris is mainly about you tailor make your trip, and hire a car with a driver. This means the driver is only available to help in driving but not involved in any planning unless otherwise.

There are various driver guides, these are beyond mere drivers but with guiding skills and knowledgeable about places and tourist destinations. The advantage of renting a car with the driver is that only spend little on the driver and car and still you have great deals as these drivers are well trained for this.

The cost of a driver guide range from $30 to $50 per day depending on the vehicle to drive and the experience one may wish for. You don’t want a fully handled trip for reasons and wish to hire a driver? It’s a great deal to consider. Rent a car in Uganda with a driver and explore Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

  • Fully guided safaris

The most common of traveling trail, this always the best way to experience what the pearl offers for you. With fully guided safari, you have just to pay for the full cost of the seat like a boss to enjoy the rest of your trip. Though the fully guided safari may seem expensive, but when want to escape the wisp on safaris, it’s advisable to use this.

Self-guided trips (self-drive trips) are not for faint hearted, rather for stronger travelers. This can sometimes intervene you planned traveling schedule which again can be difficult with fully guided safaris. There are many established and reliable tour companies that can help arrange your perfect Pearl of African Safari.

With self-guided safaris, a company handles your ground transportation, destinations and accommodation booking and everything concerning the trip apart from the exclusive. Its all-inclusive trip.


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