Guide To Border crossing car Rental In Uganda

Car Travel in Uganda

While everyone has a reason for renting a car, border crossing to other countries in a rental car requires adequate planning. Most car rental Uganda companies allow their customer to drive to other states/countries but you have to comply with the set restrictions. There are rental cars for you to embark on a road trip from Uganda to the east African countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya on a self-drive or guided tour.

Essentials to have for any plans to cross to another country with a rental car.

Border crosingValid passport and visas

Residents with East African passports do not need a visa to visit Rwanda, Kenya, or Tanzania. Alternatively, you need an emergency travel document other than a valid Uganda passport or a national identity card.

 International driver’s permit/national driver’s license

You need an international driver’s permit or a national driver’s license to drive in a foreign country. Note, a local English driver’s license is recognized in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya for 3 months.

Letter of authority

In case you plan to rent a car to drive across borders, you have to inform your car rental service provider so that they provide you with an authorisation latter that will allow you to cross borders with the car.

Car registration

You require a certified copy of car registration{copy of the log book} to present at the border station for you to be allowed to cross over with a rental car. It should also be accompanied by a letter from the company authorizing you to take a car across the border area and should have dates.

Whereas some car hire companies do allow border crossing with a rental car, most car rental agencies on the other hand do not accept their vehicles to cross over to some countries more so to those countries that have political issues.

In case you need to drive a rental car from Uganda to Rwanda for instance, most car hire agencies incur surcharges for border crossing. The fees are meant to cover border-crossing insurance fees, regional taxes among others. These are extra charges which are covered in extra insurance required when you are on a road trip in another country. But some car hire companies do more paperwork on behalf of clients and cover all charges within the sum cost of renting a car.

For any plans to embark on a road trip across the border area, do not look any further than our car hire services. We understand very well your dream to explore and experience several countries and that is why we rate among the leading car rental companies in Uganda


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