12 Things to Carry on Self Guided Safari in East Africa


When packing for self-drive safari in East Africa, make sure that you start with essential items first. With so much required for you to put together for you to have a successful East Africa self-drive safari in 2021, we advise you to pack lightly. For any plans to go self-drive tour in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania, consider the following a must-pack;

Google maps

Google maps should be a must-have if you have any plans to explore East Africa on self-drive safari. With google maps at hand, it becomes easier to locate your destination especially when you get lost. They can easily be downloaded and you can use them even when you are offline. It is possible to create your own map and make highlights of stop points using My apps application.

GPS Unit

If you have a smart phone, you can still use it instead of carrying a GPS unit. However, GPS can save you a lot especially if you want to switch between apps or exit navigation to check out for a new location. It is the best means when navigating since it doesn’t need internet.


To protect your eyes from the sun when driving is essential and that is why sunscreens with high SPF should be a must-have on East Africa safari holiday. This is important especially while exploring hotter safari destinations like Kidepo Valley National Park in Northeastern Uganda.

Insect repellent

Insect repellents are of great value for self-drive as they help protect your skin from biting insects like mosquitoes. They should be a must-have when embarking on game drive, hiking or camping. But always follow instructions before use.

Good camera

Cameras are essential for any trip not only on self-drive tour. You need a good camera to help you take incredible pictures while on your exploration. Ensure that is waterproof.


If you plan to go camping or even at night, you require a torch. Besides, you can’t tell what can happen with the car you rented at night and that is why you need a good torch or head lamps.

Food & drinks

When packing for East Africa self-drive, food and drinks are some of the basic needs you shouldn’t leave out. Yes, hunger can strike you at any time of the day when driving and with your food and drinks, you can be sorted 24/7. You can grab some food stuffs and drinks in the nearby supermarkets or stores.

First aid kit

To some travelers, first aid kit looks obvious but there are higher chances to leave it behind. Consider it a must-have when packing for your self-drive safari tour in East Africa. It is your immediate pharmacy while on trip.


For enthusiastic birders, a pair of binoculars should be a must-have. They can be of great help especially if you want to have clear views of birds.

Comfortable clothes

When packing, not anything should be considered. Ensure that you have the right attire packed for your safari especially long-sleeved shirts, trousers, safari shorts, t-shirt, sweater, rain-jacket or poncho and many others.


Toiletries are as well essential to pack for your East Africa self-drive tour. These include a number stuffs ranging from hand sanitizers, toilet papers, wipes, shampoo, hand lotions, spray and a lot more.

Comfortable shoes

Depending on the kind of activities you plan to engage, you require comfortable and strong shoes. Preferably, you need waterproof hiking boots or shoes that offer support to ankle when hiking or walking. Saddles aren’t good if you plan to go mountaineering or gorilla trekking.


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