Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park in Africa, is one of the largest covering an area about 556 sq. km. On the northern edge of the Chobe Park is the Chobe River and is connected with Botswana and Namibia. The park is famous for the vast wildlife and is located near the borders of Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. The park got popularity in the mid of 19th Century when flock of hunters across the Europe shoot the big game in the wild life of Africa. The Chobe park is divided in to four regions i.e. the Chobe River front, the Savuti Marsh, Serondela area and the Linyati swamps.

The Chobe National Park is the one place which has largest concentration of elephants and it ranges from 50, 000 – 1, 20, 000. To enjoy the adventure of the wildlife one must not overlook the river cruise on the Chobe National park. Besides, elephants you will get to see crocodiles, elephants, hippos and birds. The rivers in the park are the most productive ecosystems in the region.

The Serondela

This is the first ecological zone on the south of Languis Chob River, mainly based for camping and lodging facilities. In the summer season most of the wild animals flock to drink water as it is surrounded by the dense teak forest. Large number of species have been observed near the banks of the river. You will enjoy the cruise game, sundowners on the rivers and terraces.

The Savuti Marsh

This region is covered with large grass lands (savannah) in the western edge of the Chobe National Park with an area of 10, 878 km. The region has a concentration of African wildlife mainly antelope, elephants and lions. The largest species in this region is zebra, which migrate with number of other consequent predators in the Africa.

The Linyanti Marsh

This is located on the northwest region of the Chobe National Park and is full of wildlife and lies between Namibia and Botswana. It has got pristine water on the river line, which is open to the various grassland as well as inland lagoons. The park is having heavy population of wild cats including red lechwe, sable antelope and roan.

If you planning to visit the wildlife in Africa make sure you have long journey to watch the best wildlife safaris. The facilities and services are good as the region is getting more popularity. In the Chobe National Park you will enjoy not only the wildlife, but will also get acquainted with scenic beauty of the forest. Though there are no monuments located in the region but are widely appreciated and appraised as one of the best wildlife safaris in the world.