5 Reasons You Should Visit Uganda Now


Uganda is a safe peaceful travel country in Africa that position many travelers to explore it as their favorite tourist destination. With its warm comfortable weather, stunning attractions, landscape, rich culture, the country is ever ready and set for tourists daily. In Uganda there is too much to discover and enjoy but a walk in the city of Kampala exploring the markets, business centers, mega malls on a free day will make you love the country even more. Another amazing thing is that there are short safaris in Uganda that make sense and value for money within a duration of 1-3 days best done before or after your safari in Uganda. Truly have never seen a country in Africa that demands attention like Uganda due to presence of amazing great tourist attractions. See bellow why you should also check it out.

1. Highest Mountain Gorilla Concentration

Less be straight to the point, out of the 780 mountain gorillas living in the world shared among Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda has the highest number of mountain gorillas that live in Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Whether you track gorillas once or twice, the grantee of seeing these rare primates is 98% and the experience is great creating memories for life. Get amazing moments with several forest habitants including birds, mammals, primates, trees, butterflies etc.

 2. Multi-Culture Traditions

With different cultures and tribes across the country, Uganda is a place where one can celebrate the past in the present in different ways and beliefs. Every tribe celebrates culture and tradition differently and for tourists every tradition looks trendy and entertaining. Uganda cultural tours take you deep to the life local Ugandans hence making you enjoy the day today life of a real Ugandan. They are hardly missed because even those on short gorilla treks use the afternoons after the trek to explore the Batwa culture an ancient group of people that still live in the ancient world. Remember these are the people of the forest who sacrificed their happiness and ancestral home for gorilla conservation the most world unique wildlife encounter in Africa.

3. Sun, Sea and Sand

Looking at great travel destinations in the world, Uganda should be ranked best because of sun, sea and sand. With sunshine all year making the country warm even in the rainy season, Lakes and Rivers  that provide comfortable sand grounds and beaches with multiple examples on Lake Victoria one of the largest in Africa and Lake Bunyonyi the most deepest in Africa. Why not chill and relax in Uganda the best Africa country for beach holidays, great weather and water adventures like boat cruise, kayaking, white water rafting, swimming etc.

4. Tourist Capital of East Africa

Uganda is a home to a wide range of attractions that tourists enjoy from wildlife, primates, scenic views, rich culture offering only amazing holidays for those that chose to visit. Looking at other countries in the region, most of them sound for only to two particular attractions but Uganda is the opposite a home to many great attractions and adventures. A visit to Uganda sums the visit to multiple countries seeing one attraction at a time yet all that can  be found here in the pearl of Africa.

5. Bunyonyi Island

A famous island for honeymoon holidays and couple gateways in Uganda found in Kabale district a second thought destination for many tourists on Uganda gorilla trekking tours. The island is also a home to several islands, lakes, birds and scenic views surrounded by beautiful hotels and lodges that offer comfortable stays all through.


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