What Has happened to the Wild Dogs?

African Wild Dogs

Read Craig’s fascinating update on the incredible journey of Wild Dogs released in the Tuli Game reserve of Botswana.

In the last update I mentioned that the original pack had split up and we suspected that some new males had moved into the area. We have now got some clarity of the pack composition and status of the packs.

Most of this has been determined using photographs which allow us to identify known individuals based on their characteristic coat patterns. The original Tuli pack effectively split into three, with two functional, reproducing packs and then the two males that were displaced when the new males moved in and took over the pack. These two males were seen in the central parts of the NTGR following the reshuffle but we have not had any recent reports of sightings so we are not sure if they are still around or have moved off in search of some lady friends. During the first week of May, seven unknown dogs were seen in the central parts of the reserve, but we have also not heard any more about this group, nor received any photographs.


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