10 Best African Safari Destinations for 2019


Africa is best described as a Mother Continent for many reasons. It features as the oldest continent in the world making it the world’s best travel destination. A visit to this magical continent offers you a great opportunity to discover its hidden gem with great Lakes, beautiful beaches with pearly white sands, amazing flora and fauna species and not to forget the magical mountains around its border areas. With these, Africa is truly a leisure paradise!

Below are some of the exceptional destinations to visit in 2019


This is one of Africa’s best safari destinations that you should consider a must to explore this year. A visit to Botswana gets you the best of African safari experience that you have always wished to have in life. This magical country is surrounded by Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and incredibly it features among a few most looked for wilderness paradises on earth. While here, Okavango Delta is that one place you need to pay a visit. It lies just within the Kalahari Basin and gets you the best views over the big game, stunning vegetation and natural beauty. On your trip, don’t miss to explore what the inhabitants in Southern African have for the world-most especially the incredible rock paintings and villages of the San people and Hambukushu at the Tsodilo Hills. For any plans to visit this country for a holiday, you do not need to worry about where to spend a night because accommodation is also at its best. The available lodges for your overnight stay in this country range from budget to luxury and they include Chobe game lodge, Okavango delta camp and others.


In case you are looking for that one unique country to explore in East Africa then Kenya should be a must for you to visit. This magical country is a paradise of its own and it comes with diverse wildlife, scenic mountains and islands. Kenya is ideally one of a few perfect safari destinations you need to pay a visit with your dear one. For any plans to explore this magnificent country, the best time for you to pay a visit is between October and March. While on safari in Africa, don’t miss to pay a visit to beautiful Lamu Island that boasts of its rolling dunes, endless beaches and narrow bustling streets. For those of you who need the perfect place to chill and relax, then Watamu and Malindi are such magical places you need to be with your dear one. While here, you get the best of tropical beaches as you relax around the spectacular white sands. These islands feature stunning coral reefs and diversity of marine life and not to forget the historic Gede ruins in Watamu and you will have the best of this island’s history. On the other hand, if you are interested in wilderness experiences then don’t miss to pay a visit to Lake Nakuru for bird watching and wildlife viewing, Amboseli National Park.


Make your trip in Africa a complete one with a visit to Lesotho. This remarkable country features wide range of majestic mountains. This destination is worth exploring as a couple or group and you will have the best of what Africa has in terms of nature. The major tourist attractions in this magical country include mainly its stunning national parks and reserves that include among others Bokong nature reserve, Sehlabathebe national park, Ts’enhlanyane national park and others. Sehlabathebe national park features grassland, wildflowers and variety of birds including the bearded vulture a mention but a few. Ts’enhlanyane national park straddles deep in the front range of the Maluti Mountains just at the foot of the Holomo pass and known for its incredible floral and faunal species. Bokong reserve on the other hand stands at edge of 100 meters cliff over viewing the stunning Lepaqoa waterfall and valley. It is ideal for hiking experiences and for those of who you want to relax.

South Africa

In case you wish to get the best of summer adventure then South Africa is a place to be. Get to this beautiful country and enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean and not to forget its ideal weather within the province of KwaZulu Natal. This province features 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the ISimangaliso wetlands park within St. Lucia where the largest estuarine system, more than 500 avifaunal species and ancient coastal dunes, endless beaches which extend from Maphelane in the south to Kosi bay along the Mozambique border area, UKhahlamba Drakensberg park. The Western Cape on the other side offers excellent nature views with the deep blue waters of the cold Atlantic and lush vegetation as well as several lagoons and lakes on the Garden route.


The republic of Seychelles boasts of its stunning 115 islands and if you are looking for a romantic place to be with your dear one then don’t miss to add it in your travel plan. This island state features the most pristine beaches, lonely rock outcrops and untouched habitats for varied wildlife species. The outer island groups for instance the Alphonse and Desroches provide luxurious lodges. This island country is ideal for sailing, diving and fishing.


Best described as a distinctly African country on the outskirts of Europe, Morocco is a few most stunning Africa’s states that should be a must in your bucket list. A visit to this country gets you the best of North African culture and above all make your trip complete in this country by exploring the Djemma el Fna in Marrakech. Get authentic experiences of Moroccans by embarking on the Berber tour and you will have the best of nomadic while on camel treks and desert tours. To get the best of traditional pre-Saharan life AitBenhaddou a must to visit and you won’t regret in life.


This dubbed land of a thousand hills is a true primate paradise. What makes a safari in Rwanda complete is gorilla trekking. This landlocked country is a home to a section of world’s rare mountain gorillas and golden monkeys which thrive within Volcanoes National Park. It is of no doubt that this African state has become the most sought after destination for gorilla trekking. Besides, it is also ideal for chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National Park, game viewing in Akagera National Park which is a home to big five game and as you head off to Lake Kivu, you will have the best of kayaking, sport fishing/boat tours.

The other incredible travel destinations include Zanzibar, Reunion Island, Sao Tome and Principe.


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