Exploring the Benefits of Booking an All Inclusive Safari


Unlike visiting a resort where you possibly limited into one location, when visiting Africa you could see more diverse wildlife, scenic landscapes and discover unique cultures, or relax even on a short trip. But if you were into visiting remote places like Congo basin rain forest of Central Africa for primate tracking adventures or want follow the wildebeest migration in Eastern Africa you can plan to spend more days on a safari. And the good thing is when you book a safari most of the work is done for you. Travelers can choose their travel time, and determine the length of the trip. Your accommodation, meals and transfers are arranged courtesy of your operator. You will even recommend what other adventures you can do. There are great benefits of choosing an inclusive safari.

Saving on costs

This is possibly the important benefit with an inclusive safari package for a holiday to Africa. Most popular regions like Eastern Africa are vast and if go ahead to book everything like transport, accommodation, meals, the costs will significantly be high in comparison to choosing African safari inclusive package from a tour operator. An experienced operator with experience of the accommodations and places, you can be sure as well to get an inclusive deal that fits in your budget. Of course this does not mean to sacrifice for luxury and comfort lodge but does not either mean booking for a five star lodge at each place you stay.

In addition, you’ll find that many tour operators offer great deals to attract you. Second, there are always promotions during off season to benefit low priced activities and lodge rates, not to mention, you’ll not spend extra money since all things are already included in the price.

Save time when booking

Opting for African inclusive safari, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is to choose your travel package, then talk to the tour operator about the dates you prefer to visit Africa. Whichever country you’re based from, your tour operator will greatly handle each important part of your safari than it would consume much time to do on your own. More over there are hotels and lodges which run out of rooms as well as checking for availability of limited wildlife safari permits like gorilla trekking especially during peak seasons. So you’ll have detail booked in advance including hotel reservations, transfer arrangements, purchasing visa which are part of your African safari.

Think about the time you would invest in searching about and booking for different things you want for your safari including hotel, places and activities. These things can be booked at once with inclusive safaris because you pay in advance so is everything planned as well.

Great value for money

Inclusive safaris present an opportunity for travelers to get maximum services from their tour operators. From the moment visitors arrive and picked up, taken for a safari and dropped back at the airport by your guide after the tour, you may not need to incur extra costs unless if you want to do shopping for souvenirs, tipping guides and porters or pay for other services that are excluded from your package. Even most of the lodges near national parks offer free access to amenities like gym, swimming pool, laundry services because they are all already included.

Great accommodation facilities and services

Most of the lodges or hotels organize their own services and entertainment in order to entice their visitors. Usually, you’ll have an African traditional music and dance performances by rural people over an evening fireplace or sunset. If you were visiting African cities, there are night experiences that can be organized such as going to night clubs, enjoying live music and comedy shows among other great fun things.

Diverse round trip experience  

When you’re visiting Africa, apart from the popular game viewing destinations in Eastern and southern Africa, there are few less visited tourist spots and unique cultural adventures that you don’t know about. Then you wonder if you’ll get enough time to visit or do each experience while on your safari. African inclusive safaris are designed in such a way that all the most popular tourist activities and attractions are covered to ensure visitors get great value for their money and a memorable safari. In addition to the expected meals, free internet, among others, you’re also offered optional scheduled excursions such as visits to the traditional African cultural village.

Guaranteed safety on a safari

Eastern and southern Africa generally it is safe to visit any of the destinations. Whereas the travel media keeps warning travelers about insecurity in central African states, most travelers may fear to plan their trips because they’re not sure about the safety situations.

However, organized safaris in Africa are always keen with regard to safety situations around destinations they take their clients. So travelers who want to know whether it’s safe visiting post conflict yet biologically rich central African countries like DRC and Republic of Congo Brazzaville, you’ll always be advised on the safety risks of visiting particular attractions. For instance hiking active Mt. Nyiragongo, mountain gorilla trekking or trekking Eastern-lowland gorillas. In addition, your operators also assign to your experienced guides or drivers who know the routes well. Trust your African operator today that you can have a safe and secure safari.


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