Fly-In Safaris

If you have always wanted a royal African adventure, but been unable make time for a long break, what happens to your ambitions for that amazing African experience? Do you let go of it…of course not!! Africa is a vast country, and travel agents understand that. And that is why you have options of signing up for a fly in safari!!

So, let’s look at the concept of Fly in Safari:

When you are hard pressed for time and want to make the most of your trip, visit innumerable places, fly in safari is for you! You can not only visit a major cross-section of the continent in record time, you can also visit the remote corners of the parks which would otherwise be out of bounds.

The concept emerges from the idea that you fly over the continent in small maneuverable aircrafts. You can fly through four corners of the country without much hassle.

Not only do you get a spectacular view, you also can increase the time spent on land. The entire trip can be covered in as little as 4-5 days.

Type of aircraft used varies from Caravans to smaller Cessnas. The airstrips are mostly dirt tracks in the middle of wilderness.

What to expect:

When you sign up for a fly in safari, what happens is:

  • You land on an airstrip and meet the safari camp representative.
  • Game drive transfer comes next as you get to the lodge or camp you have booked.
  • Spend 2-3 nights and enjoy various safari activities. This may include walking safari (you’re not on plane 24*7), boating safaris, “mokoro” excursions etc.
  • Transfer back to the airstrip to move to the next destination spot.
  • Finally, you take the commercial flight back to your home-country.

What are your options for Fly in Safari?

You can either

  • Book a pilot.
  • Pilot a plane yourself.

Considerations for a fly in safari include:

  • Book a travel agent
  • Check travel brochures
  • Select a package
  • Or, choose your itineraries and off you go!

When you pilot a plane yourself,

  • You rent a personal aircraft
  • Make your itinerary
  • And charter yourself through the places you have chosen!

Why you can try out fly in safaris?

Here is why…

  • You can visit all the “must see” spots and participate in all the “must do” activities without sparing too much time on either.
  • It is ideal for people who don’t like to be escorted around continuously and do not prefer the self drive safari option. This is especially true for a self fly in safari group.
  • Most convenient ways to reach off beat areas and remote corners.
  • You get an extraordinary bird’s eye view of the varied topographical features of Africa!!
  • Most Romantic experience ever!!