Africa Safaris

For the African vacation ideas, there is a wide range of options including luxury safaris, custom safari, Uganda wildlife tour, budget camping safaris, walking safaris, mountain climbing, family holidays etc.

If you are looking for a fully inclusive vacation package there are several tour operators who sell packages at discounted prices.

Activity Based Holidays

Are you looking at engaging in a particular adventure activity in Africa. There are several safaris that are themed on several adventures such as

  • gorilla tracking in Uganda,
  • bird watching tours,
  • game viewing safaris to several national parks such as Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Lake Manyara,
  • wildebeest migration

Making Your African Safari A Grand Success!

Are misconceptions and apprehensions about travelling to and within a less explored land like Africa making you step back from planning your dream safari trip? Continuing a safari can get tough, if you don’t acquaint yourself with the basic know-how of the land you are going to explore.

Here’s a list of some important points that you should look into for making your safari a perfect one!

  • How To Remain Secure During The Safari?

While you are going to Africa to for a safari, make sure that you don’t hike or go outdoor without a certified guide. Also, you should leave your valuables in your hotel, or carry them unnoticeable.

  • What Are The Activities You Can Enjoy During The Safari?

You can include different activities like bird watching, game viewing, boating, canoeing, walking safari, ballooning, mountain biking , game capture, scenic flights, to name a few.

  • What Type Of Food Can You Expect While You Are On A Safari?

Different lodges, restaurants and camps serve top class European cuisine and some local dishes as well. The camps can cater for all type of foods provided you let them know about your culinary preferences at the time of booking.

  • About Accommodation:

The safari hotspots of Africa abound in up market safari lodges, luxurious tented camps and star hotels. You can also find many cheap hotels. However, if you wish to get a little more adventurous and involve yourself in a walking, camping or canoeing safari, you may need to sleep on cots in dome tents.

  • Photography During The Safari Trip

If you have a knack for wildlife photography, make sure that you bring a DSLR or any other camera that takes exchangeable lenses. Also, make sure that you take a 300 mm lens at least.

  • Bird watching Tips During Safari

To be a good birdwatcher, make sure that you bring a low magnification binocular. You can also use night vision goggles if you are going to watch birds after dark.

  • Essentials To Pack: Don’t forget your passport and visas/ visa application forms, your travel insurance policy and emergency phone numbers on your destination. You should also bring cotton shirts, swimming suits and rain gear. Also, pack walking shoes which are comfy to wear.
  • Precautionary measures

Surprisingly enough, the two common health troubles that travelers face while on safari are overexposure to the sun and colds caught on flight. And some tourists also report getting yellow fever or malaria. However, if you take precautions before and during your journey, the risk of contracting these diseases gets extremely minimal.

  • Dos and Don’ts During Safari

You should prepare yourself well for the African climate. However, you should not hand feed the animals or approach them too closely.

Looking into these issues and getting them sorted out in advance can make your African experience a much better one!