Enjoy the Ultimate African Safari Experience

Amboseli Wildlife Safari

At dawn you wake up inside your cottage room or a tented camp, enjoying the cool fresh air after a restful night’s sleep. Outside your tent the natural noises of the camp site emerge. Grasshoppers chirp in a hypnotic, high-pitched chorus of bird, Frogs croon sad songs in the reeds, sometimes a roar of a lion in a distance. Then meters away an elephant wanders-surprisingly quietly-around the campground, sweeping its great gray trunk along the ground in search of fallen acacia pods. You grab your weapon of choice and quietly approach. Framing the great beast in your sights, you shoot! Great shot! You got him, the perfect photograph of the beast with the burnt orange sunrise forming a rising mountain of fire and light behind it.

An African safari holiday is the best way to experience the beauty, romance and soul of Africa. Just mentioning the word Safaris in Africa, immediately conjures up images of exotic treks through the bush in the heart and heat of Africa, thousands of miles from a Starbucks or McDonald’s, decked in khakis and a pith helmet, exhausted and grimy with sweat and dust.

While a safari experience like that is definitely an option, you may be surprised to discover that it’s just one of many. People love to dispel this great safari myth, and they roll out the long list of wilderness adventures available in every degree of comfort, adventure and budget. The only constants are the stunning African landscapes and the amazing scope and proximity of wildlife. But safaris in Africa have much more to mention than wildlife. There are differing cultures within the different African destination, you will find amazing food, village setups and different languages you would like to pick at least a single word.

Safaris range from luxury holidays, where elegant lodges and fine wines share time with tracking giraffes from a sturdy, open-roof vehicle, to mobile camping safaris where you follow predators or stake out the great wildebeest migration, sleeping in tents at a different locale each night. It’s all about how you want to get from amazing Point A to spectacular Point B-from a hot-air balloon, a canoe, or from the back of a horse or taking on a nature walk.

Africa transformed the meaning of the word safari into ‘to travel in the shadows of extraordinary animals.’ Each safari is judged by the thrilling wildlife it encounters, and many come through with high marks as they bring you into the playgrounds of zebras, lions, elephants, hippos, rhinos, gorillas and cheetahs and a whole ark-full of other animals. So many beasts roam these lands that the ground itself feels alive.

Many choose their safari destination based on the wildlife they most want to capture and cage in a picture frame on their wall. Yet travel agents also suggest considering the many natural wonders of Africa. One of the best locations for both is Uganda, the quintessential safari experience. Uganda’s must-see is the Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park, home to the famous Mountain Gorillas, these attract people worldwide to come and see these human like creatures and Uganda gives you the best of this adventure experience compared to Rwanda and Congo.


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