Precautions to Take Before You Embark on Your African Safari!

Tanzania Safari

So you’ve almost finished planning and putting all the ifs and buts to rest… You think you are completely prepared? But you may be wrong! When visiting Africa, a place that is guaranteed to be very different from the places you may have grown up in, you need to walk through a basic precautionary checklist…

Health comes first, so let’s start with the vaccinations you need to take to avoid major illnesses on your African Safari:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus Diphtheria
  • Polio
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever

Second in line are papers and Documents…

Make sure you have the entire passport and Visa documents ready and in order. Did you know that the requirements differ from country to country? And without the right permits and papers you would be stuck. Also there are a number of safety certificates (like a yellow fever vaccine certificate) you will need to produce. Make sure you are prepared.

And of course you should never travel without insurance to any place…

As you already know, all tour companies will strongly urge you to get insured before you start your travel.  And when it comes to a question of your essential things and your well being in a different continent, spending some extra cash over and above the other expenses seems like a small price to pay!

These will be available from major credit card companies, as well as from the airlines. Also if you choose it, then your travel company is probably providing you with trip insurance.

It is also advisable to first do a survey and find out what all they cover before you choose the right insurance. Something that covers emergency medical costs and financial needs is the best option.

And now for the mixed bag!

  • Do your homework so that you don’t fall prey to any safari scams. The best way to do this is ask for genuine references.
  • Also make sure you are fit and take the required medicines and things to tackle any eventuality.
  • Also find out about the animals and make sure you know how to stay safe in whatever region you are going to.
  • Be  aware of political situations when you plan. You do not want to land up in the middle of political unrest.
  • And most importantly, never flash your valuables. Keep your money and valuables safe because crimes and robbery are not uncommon in Africa.
  • Pack according to where you will go and take the things you will need.

And now that you have the precautions checklist taken care of, prepare to enjoy!

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