6 Reasons Why Gorilla Trekking is fun in Africa


Today people have many life challenges but truly life turns around when you track gorillas in Africa. You may have traveled the world and regretted at certain point wondering why you  visited some  places that weren’t worth but discovering the secrets of the well conserved rain forests in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo is an incredible adventure that can’t leave you same. Here are the reasons why gorilla trekking is fun and prime tourist adventure in Uganda and Rwanda.

Explore the new world of Conservation

Tracking gorillas doesn’t only bring grateful memories but also takes trackers to a new world of conservation that values all natural resources for generations. Being a world class tourist attraction one needs to book his or her gorilla trek quite early due to high demand and limited number of tourists per day. Having a gorilla permit isn’t enough but trackers have to respect all the park gorilla trekking rules and regulations for conservation purposes and wonderful experience. Find this adventure in Uganda and Rwanda that’s neighbor each other and Congo for those seeking for low land gorillas and mountain.

 Challenge Your Fitness

Of course you don’t have to be fit or to have experience to track gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda but the energy that you use during the trek as you search for where the endangered gorillas could be. The nature of the jungle landscape that is thick and hilly challenge fitness of many trackers making them more fit and health. However get a walking stick at the park headquarter or porters to give you support during the entire trekking process.

Make friends

The morning journey into the forest in search of gorillas and other forest habitants’ bids turns a group of eight people into friends that once meet up at the briefing park point as strangers. Gorilla trekking calls for team co-operation among trackers and to stick close to each other until the end of the trek. This happens when you go gorilla trekking with a friend or sole and then join a group of other day trackers to enter the forest and search for the beautiful creatures. It’s more fun when by chance you stay in the same lodge with some of the day trackers.

Unwind & relax

Gorilla trekking tours in Africa are too relaxing and comfortable for whoever chooses to be part of it. Most accommodation facilities are close to the forest offering a perfect scenic ambience for relaxing and rest. During gorilla trekking you focus on scenic natural habitants of the rain forest and wild creatures. Sometimes you can’t even make a phone call or reply mails and go silent a good moment for one to relax in leisure.

Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

Most people visit Uganda to see gorillas, but on this safari they see that the country is actually one of Africa’s top all round and a natural history destination. During the trek you see various primates and fantastic variety of mammals plus birds. You also explore remote cultural traditions of the Batwa people hence one of the most ultimate wildlife adventure in Africa.

Each Gorilla Trek is Different

The most amazing thing with this adventure is that though you track mountain gorillas twice you get completely a different incredible experience worth every effort and time.


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