Planning a Golfing Safari in Africa

Golfing Safari

Ardent golf fans might not be so reluctant to skip their day out in the course for an African safari once they learn about Golfing Safari! Exactly as the name implies, a typical Golfing safari will combine the best of both the sports and adventure zones…This is where you can indulge your love of golf amidst the natural terrain of the African wilderness!

Let’s take a deeper look at the concept of Golfing Safari:

Contrary to popular belief, South Africa boasts of some of the world’s most natural and extensive golf courses, chartered out by none other than professionals and top players. The golf course and the mild weather attract golf players and enthusiasts from all around the world!

You have a myriad of options when it comes to golfing safari….given that the course comes with permanent residents like a herd of giraffes, crocodiles, hippos or antelopes!

The visitor’s fees are affordable and the easy access to South Africa’s many natural tourist attractions makes it a highly striking golfers’ destination.

It is no wonder then that you have prosperous resorts like the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa!

It combines:

  • Spa treatments
  • Fantastic game viewing options
  • And a unique 18 hole golf course that will delight every golf enthusiast past, present and future!!
  • Each of these golf holes were created by renowned Golfers and bear their personal signature of sorts in the creation!
  • And you have varieties of small courses featuring some specific points of African culture.

No wonder then that this resort has won multiple prestigious international awards!

What’s more…you even have the Rovos Rail Golf Safari:

  • Not only is this railway one of the most fascinating ways to traverse and discover the African landscape but caters to golf lovers as well!
  • The Rovos Rail is a Victorian-era -inspired steam locomotive, designed with close attention to detail.
  • The train sports guest sleeper cars (you can choose from either of the Royal Suites, Deluxe Suites, Pullman Suites), a non-smoking lounge car, 2 non-smoking 42-seat dining cars, a kitchen car, a smoking lounge, and an “observation car”.
  • Finest cuisines are served aboard.

And now for the golf courses you might avail and enjoy!

  1. Leopard Creek,
  2. Royal Swazi
  3. Durban Beachwood Club
  4. Champagne Sports Resort
  5. Sun City Lost City
  6. Kruger Park game drive
  7. Swaziland
  8. Ngwenya Glass Factory
  9. Guava Gallery
  10. Mkhaya Game Reserve
  11. Hluhluwe Game Reserve
  12. Drakensberg Mountain Range
  13. Battlefields tour
  14. Durban
  15. The Lost City at Sun City
  16. Pilanesberg Mountain Range
  17. Pretoria – Jacaranda City

If this doesn’t satisfy you, you have the liberty of creating your own Golf Course! How cool is that!! ?

So, are you up for some Golfing + Safari?


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