Gorilla Trekking and Volcano Hiking

Uganda Mountain Gorilla

Million people travel to Africa seeking for wonderful volcano hikes and gorilla trekking safari experiences but trouble takes over the floor when it comes to choosing right countries to visit in particular months of the year. Remember hiking the volcano is only interesting and wonderful during the dry months of the year. However Africa has only three best countries for seeing mountain gorillas and also hiking the beautiful volcanoes that is   –Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Enjoy best hiking and trekking experience during late November to early March and from Late June to mid-October. After your safari experience in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, you will definitely become an inspirational example for many friends and family who have never been to Africa. If you planning to track gorillas and also enjoy wonderful views of the various attractions and vegetation are just get ready for your next holiday to Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

Uganda –The Gifted Land of Nature

Oh Uganda! The most populated mountain gorilla base in Africa with two national parks that protect these great apes –Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Mountain gorillas have served as prime tourists attractions drawing a wide number of tourists to the country. Most safaris in Uganda are for gorilla trekking and volcano hike despite the pricy gorilla permit and high demand. Tourists come from all over the world for gorilla trekking in Uganda and use the other trip time to explore other attractions of the country. So what are you waiting for, grab your bag, reserve your gorilla permit, golden monkey and volcano hiking permit and discover the well conserved protected jungle forest of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi forest National Park. Though one can track gorillas in Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park, Gorillas and volcano hikes are done in Mgahinga national park.

Congo –DRC

In Virunga National park of Congo, you’ll discover the beautiful mountain gorillas and also hike the Nyiragongo volcano on of the most active in Africa. All you need is to have four-five days free and carry back memories of the lovely colorful Crater Lake that turns reddish at night giving right photo captions beyond your imagination. Hiking Nyragongo needs two days while trekking gorillas can be done in just a day. Besides if you look for budget gorilla trekking and volcano hiking, Congo is your place to be since everything is affordable except accommodation. Therefore, make it appoint to use more of Rwanda accommodation and save a few dollars for other adventures. Exploring Virunga National Park makes you fall in love with Congo.


What many know as the Land of Thousand hills Rwanda is a very beautiful natural country for primate lovers and adventurers. If you want to track mountain gorillas, hike Bisoke volcanoes or Karisimbi and also trek the golden monkeys, Rwanda is your place to be in Africa for life time experience. Rwanda has one mountain gorilla park-Volcanoes National Park that holds the countries travel flag across the world. Before Rwanda changed its gorilla tourism trend, it was the most visited gorilla trekking country conveniently located, nice for short gorilla treks and a great place to connect to other travel destinations. But even after the change of Rwanda tourism to Luxury gorilla safari destination, still many people fly to Rwanda and later find their way to affordable gorilla safari destinations of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.


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