Azura: Luxury Hotel and Fun in the Bazaruto, Mozambique

Azura Lodge

There are many elegant lodges on the Bazaruto Archipelago. This is a low impact up market tourism economy which has a lot of catching on to do.

The Azura is the most chic of all the boutique hotels in Mozambique. The décor in this place is so well done that it would definitely stand out in a world of interior designs. The look that this place has is quite amazing. It is clean, spare, and colored quite naturally. Entire look of this place is quite ceramic with marine life. There is an African twist as well. The chairs are sculpted and for an instance you could sit right beside the wooden table and have urchin shaped porcelain lights. There are about fifteen different suites which have been set off in a private beach garden with loungers. You get huge plungers what have pools that go along quite infinitely. That is a white glass enclosed there is a veranda with a sofa which is mostly here for afternoon snoozes. There is a saga which is thatched. The beach is here to lie and drink the many different cocktails.

In fact Azura is almost forty percent owned by the local villagers. The one who coordinates the community has initiated a community atmosphere with the hotel. There is a hotel rainbow fund. Also, this fund has been sending up to serve about five hundred children. There is also clinic which brings in the doctor right from the mainland once every week. There is also a business development training which has been set up by the local suppliers. Also there is an employment training the place is a strict no fishing zone. And it has been set up right in front of the main island. The fishermen here are mostly compensated to promote the huge marine conservation area.

There are menus which are set and there are choices that you could make with your starters. You can get something like a butternut soup, and this could be followed by something quite pleasing like grilled mackerel with Polenta and Mango Salsa. These almost might fit into what would seem like a sorbet.
You also have the option of eating inside in the dining room or on the wooden decks that over the beach. These are mostly on the private verandas. You could also have it across beach fire for an additional fee.  You have activities like snorkeling and one tank dives. Fly fishing and this is also ideal for the style conscious people who don’t really need to think twice about a budget.

Check back here to find out more about what happens in this amazing place.


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